Challenge coins have a rich history associated with bravery, perseverance, and unity. Those renowned attributes are just some of the reasons why countless military units, clubs, teams, businesses, and organizations continue to uphold the tradition of using challenge coins by either presenting them to their members in recognition of a special achievement or simply to enhance morale. The unique and attractive way challenge coins have immortalized various insignias and emblems throughout history also make them a highly collectable novelty.

The History of Military Challenge Coins
The origins of challenge coins date back the twentieth century. The most common story states that a wealthy American lieutenant of a flying squadron in the First World War commissioned bronze coins to be made for every member of his unit. One pilot was forced to land behind enemy lines where all his means of identification were taken from him except for the coin which he kept in a leather pouch around his neck. After being taken to a French town near the front, the pilot escaped during a bombardment and made it through No-man’s Land, however the French soldiers he came upon mistook him for a saboteur and planned to execute him. The pilot used the coin to prove his identity and ultimately had his life spared. From that point on, every member of that squadron carried their coins at all times and created the tradition of challenging each other to prove they had the coins with them, hence the name.

How Challenge Coins Are Used Today
Challenge coins are still used within the military today, though they are mostly used as awards for outstanding services when an official military medal cannot be applied for. Outside of the military, the coins are used as a symbol of pride and to exhibit camaraderie amongst members of organizations such as the NFL, NASCAR, Eagle Scouts, World Series of Poker, church groups, fraternal clubs, and public servants. Lapel Pins Now makes it easy for your business or organization to join in this long standing tradition by incorporating your custom design on a beautifully crafted challenge coin.

Custom Challenge Coin Options

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Medallions are a time-honored and economical way to recognize achievements and participation in any establishment. Medallions are often used in both professional and amateur sports leagues as well as commemorating accomplishments made in educational institutions, corporations, and various clubs and organizations.

To those that have been bestowed with such an award, a medallion is a memento that can be cherished for generations and may even become a treasured heirloom. Presenting medallions to the members of your organization not only demonstrates the high regard you have for your colleagues, but contributes to the legacy of your organization as well.

Using either a die struck or offset printing process, Lapel Pins Now can fabricate any custom design–replicating even the smallest details of your logo–into a stunning medallion using the finest materials and quality workmanship our company is known for.

Custom Challenge Coin & Custom Medallion Plating Options

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