Lapel pins manufactured using the Cloisonne process offer a unique look that differs from other designs because your design is imprinted directly into the metal base rather than simply being overlaid on top of the pin. This gives your pins added dimension that transforms them into impressive pieces with the look of quality jewelry.

Cloisonne lapel pins are die-struck from a copper/bronze surface utilizing softer metals because they give a more detailed impression.   A die is created to imprint your design onto the metal and then the outline of the pins and any cutouts are made with a separate mold.

Once the mold is created the colors are filled in by hand using a powdered glass-like mixture. Each color is added one at a time and then fired at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit for two to four minutes in order to ensure that there is no bleeding of the colors. This process also helps to seal the colors and make their brilliant hues last.

Next, the pins are hand-polished and plated in either gold or silver. Each lapel pin is then inspected to ensure that only those that meet our high standards are individually packaged. Only those pins of the highest quality are sent for final inspection.

The stunning look and lasting brightness of Cloisonne lapel pins makes them well worth the few extra cents they cost over other styles. 

  100 200 300 500 800 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4″ $2.36 $1.87 $1.38 $1.14 $1.06 $1.00 $0.93 $0.84 $0.71 $0.63
1″ $2.38 $1.93 $1.47 $1.21 $1.10 $1.06 $1.02 $0.90 $0.81 $0.72
1.25″ $2.48 $2.01 $1.55 $1.28 $1.16 $1.10 $1.06 $0.93 $0.84 $0.81
1.50″ $2.70 $2.24 $1.78 $1.36 $1.28 $1.23 $1.17 $1.01 $0.88 $0.84
1.75″ $2.92 $2.42 $2.07 $1.63 $1.54 $1.47 $1.41 $1.22 $1.10 $1.06
2″ $3.16 $2.72 $2.29 $1.85 $1.76 $1.69 $1.64 $1.45 $1.32 $1.28
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* Each lapel pin includes a free butterfly clutch, for more attachments information please visit Attachments.

Custom Cloisonne Lapel Pin Plating Options

Gold - free
Silver - free
Copper - free
Nickel - free
Bronze - free
Black Nickel - free

We Offer Below To Each And Every Customer:

  • FREE artwork design & unlimited revision
  • FREE air shipping to your door 
  • FREE die charges & set up fees
  • FREE colors -- up to 6 colors at no additional charge

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We Send Back A Proof...

After got your design idea, we will then send back a digital artwork proof. Then we will work with you until get your approval.

Manufacturing & Shipping...

We will then start the production process to produce your pins in our factory. The full order will be shipped to you after 5-10 days.

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